Jamen då vet jag.


Crackpot - INTJ
26% Extraversion, 73% Intuition, 66% Thinking, 100% Judging
People hate you.

Paris Hilton hates Nicole Richie. Lex Luther hates Superman. Garfield hates Mondays.
But none these even rates against the insurmountable hate people have for you.

I mean, you're pretty damn clever and you know it. You love to flaunt your potential. Heard the word "arrogant" lately? How about "jerk?" Or perhaps they only say that behind your back.

That's right. I know I can say this cause you're not going to cry. You're not exactly the most emotional person. You'd rather spend time with your theoretical questions and abstract theories than with other people.

Ever been kissed? Ever even been on a date? Trust me, your inflated ego is a complete turnoff with the opposite sex and I am telling you, you're not that great with relationships as it is. You're never going to be a dude or chick magnet, purely because you're more concerned with yourself than others. Meh. They all hate you already anyway.

How about this- "stubborn?" Hrm? Heard that lately? All those facts which don't fit your theories must just be wrong, right? I mean, really, the vast amounts of time you spend with your head in the clouds...you're just plain strange.

Link: The Brutally Honest Personality Test written by UltimateMaster on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test

Jag är faktiskt en INTJ enligt det seriösa Meyer-Briggstestet också, vilket gör det hela ännu roligare. (Samt det faktum att jag korrekturläste och RÄTTADE texten i resultatet innan jag postade det...)

Postat av: Ika

*skrattar* Jag gjorde faktiskt också testet, men tyckte inte att resultatet kändes helt rätt, inte ens om man bortsåg från de elaka formuleringarna. Jag är nog på fel humör för att göra personlighetstest, tror jag.

Postat av: Anna

Det här med att jag är en perfektionist gällande allt stämmer inte, du har ju sett mitt rum, syster.
Det sista stycket tänker jag inte ens kommentera! Haha!

Borefest - ISTJ
13% Extraversion, 46% Intuition, 60% Thinking, 80% Judging
One word. Boring. Sums you up to a tee. You're responsible, trustworthy, serious and down to earth. Boring. Boring. Boring.

You insist that EVERYBODY do EVERYTHING by the book. Seriously, is there even an ounce of imagination in that little brain of yours? I mean, what's the point of imagination, right? It has no practical value...

As far as you're concerned, abstract theories can go screw themselves. You just want the facts, all the facts and nothing but the facts.

Oh. And you're a perfectionist. About everything. You know that the previous sentence was gramattically incorrect and that "gramattically" was spelt wrong. Your financial records are correct to 25 decimal places and your bedroom is in pristine condition. In fact, you even don't sleep on your bed anymore for fear that you might crease the sheets.

Thankfully, you don't have anyone else to share the bed with, because you're uncomfortable expressing affection and emotion to others. Too bad.


2006-12-14 @ 22:37:43
Postat av: Åsa

Anna: HAHAHA. Syskonen Crackpot och Borefest, dömda till ett liv som eviga singlar. Det är ju tur att vi har varandra.

2006-12-14 @ 23:04:42
URL: http://girlafraid.blogg.se
Postat av: Louise Epstein


Jag arbetar med radioprogrammet Biblioteket och skall göra en special om bloggar & litteratur. Jag vill gärna intervjua dig. Var finns du? Går det att ringa?

Bästa hälsningar,

Louise Epstein
Radioproducent på P1s kulturredaktion

2006-12-15 @ 14:08:41
Postat av: Julianmoa

I like this site. Keep it up!

2009-05-12 @ 11:30:43
URL: http://julianmoa.20six.fr

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